Sunday, December 5, 2010

votive pics

Vintage glass is beautiful! As you can see from the images, groupings of similar votives creating a stunning visual effect, day or night!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My first blog!

Well, I have resisted it for too long, and now I find myself entering the strange new world of online networking! But alas, in order to let the world into mine (strictly business), I have submitted!

After working for years as an interior decorator and furniture design consultant for an Australian manufacturer, I have decided to pursue some creative directions of my own. An artist (of sorts) and a bower bird by nature, I have long been attracted to the stray piece of furniture on the side of the road and transformed it into something other than its intended use. I love the eclectic, and as a decorator am constantly encouraging my clients to think outside the square, embrace color, mix patterns and textures and allow their houses to become the old days! And whilst I love, love, love old things - furniture, homewares, fabrics etc.. there is a more than a fine line between filling your house with them and having it end up looking like grandma's place, or having a just a few pieces and placing them in such a way that they become gorgeous features! Also, by adding an urban or modern element to a vintage piece you are giving longevity to the time-worn and embracing the electic!!

Enough lecturing(as my 14 year old would term my ramblings), about my votives.....(oh, a votive is a candle!)
I had started to stockpile some old furniture pieces with a view to 'Zhushing' them.(You will hear about that later when I start my 'zhush.blogspot') Recently however I went to collect something I had won on ebay from a lady in the hills, and was inspired beyond imagination. Not only did this dear little lady have the biggest  chilli varieties growing in her back yard, but she made the most delicious chilli relishes and jams, which she supplied to local restaurants and butchers. She had a sewing room out the back full of fabrics where she made childrens clothes, patchwork blankets and all sorts of other amazing things. In her own home which she happily showed me around  she had room after room of collectable china and glassware, and it just kept going on.. a shed out the back and yet another bungalow, full of the same, with everything sorted into their varieties- vintage crystal and cut glass items, depression glass in all colours, carnival glass, english china, you name it! I was all a flutter let me tell you! Suddenly the creative juices started flowing and I could picture all this beautiful glass grouped together artfully, further enhancing their original beauty and making stunning festive centrepieces...and so I have become a little distracted from my furniture 'zhushing' for just a little bit and have become obsessed with collecting and making as my name suggests, 'Vintage Votives'

Please see some of my votives that I have listed on I have hundreds now and I will let you know when my next market is in Melbourne. Dont hesitate to email me if you would like more information or have a specific color etc.. you would like me to combine for you.
For now, cheers,